THE NATURE OF THIS PLACE: Investigations and Adventures in the Yuba Watershed, edited by Bruce Boyd and Liese Greensfelder, Foreword by Gary Snyder


Twenty years ago neighbors in the Sierra Nevada foothills began an experiment to co-manage federal forest lands interwoven throughout their community. They founded the Yuba Watershed Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to forest stewardship, and published Tree Rings, a spirited journal of personal observations, musings and art inspired by their place in the world: the Yuba River watershed in Northern California. This book contains a mix of compelling essays, poems, insightful drawings and photographs from the pages of Tree Rings. Here is the inspiring record of a rural community working to understand, restore, learn from and live from the natural world. It is thoughtful, funny and caring, portrayed with consummate love by a talented tribe of naturalists, natives, foresters, loggers, biologists, philosophers, craftspeople, retirees, artists, writers, farmers, historians and poets. "As fresh and pungent as if you had just engaged your senses for the first time,” says Peter Coyote. "The rest of the world could learn a few lessons from the Yuba!” according to Peter Moyle. "This treasure trove of writings and charming illustrations lifts the reader’s heart," writes Phyllis M. Faber, and Kevin Starr adds, "the Local rises to preserve bioregional identity and value."

232 pp. 120 illus, 2 maps; paperback