THE GOLD MINES OF THE ALLEGHANY–FOREST CITY MINING DISTRICT, Sierra County, California by Raymond W. Wittkopp and Wayne C. Babros


Articles and books written about this district now are out of print and hard to find. The authors of this book are well suited to the task of recording its history and current status. Geologist Raymond Wittkopp worked in the district off and on, beginning in 1975. Although most closely associated with the Oriental and Sixteen to One mines, he worked in or visited all the significant mines here. Wayne Babros arrived at Alleghany in 1964, worked as a contract miner at the Sixteen to One for three years in the 1970s, and at the Brush Creek and Archaic mines for several years. An avid historian, Wayne has conducted research for California Parks and Recreation. This mining district probably is the only one in Northern California where gold is still produced. Unique because it produces high-grade ore that doesn’t require milling, much of the gold produced is sold as specimen rock, with a large percentage used for jewelry. Because such ore sells at a premium over the spot price of gold, these companies can afford the high cost of gold mining in California.
96 pp large format, full color, 24 maps and charts, 80 illus; paperback $27.50