NEVADA CITY AND BEYOND: An Unscripted Life. by Richard E. Tuttle


Candid account of the author’s schoolboy adventures in a mining town during the 1920s and 1930s; his wartime exploits in Benghazi, Libya, and internment in a German POW camp; early career as a fledgling attorney and professional lobbyist and involvement in the 1960s Civil Rights struggle in Mississippi; appointment to the Superior Court and California Energy Commission by Gov. Jerry Brown; musings about politics and war in the 21st century, and some curious encounters with the “Rich and Infamous” while on the bench. Jonathan Moore, former Ambassador to the UN says: "Tuttle's witness and analysis is surprising, suspenseful, ironic, irreverent, indignant, hilarious, idealistic, generous and, above all, high spirited."

232 pp. 35 illus; paperback