HOUSE OF LIU: A Han Dynasty Genealogy, a 5000-Year Heritage, and the Journey to America, by Elizabeth L. Lew


Members of the author’s family came to California from China in the 19th century, attracted by stories of incredible opportunities said to exist. Their success was mixed, in part because of fierce and unrelenting hostility from white immigrants. Lew describes her grandfather’s rise to power in the Chinese community in the early 20th century, and the struggles of her parents in the Chinatowns of Oakland and Antioch. Wallace R. Hagaman calls it "a compelling account of Chinese American history by a woman who reflects on her life at the age of 87." “Elizabeth Lew has done an incredible job with her Liu/Lew family saga in the backdrop of Chinese immigration to America,” says Connie Young Yu, author of Chinatown, San Jose, USA.

584 pp. large format; 582 illus; paperback